October 22, 2020


Ep.4 The Ripple of Gratitude: From Person to Peoples with Teddy Droseros

Ep.4 The Ripple of Gratitude: From Person to Peoples with Teddy Droseros

Teddy Droseros is the founder of Grateful Peoples, a non-profit that shares the benefits of gratitude in communities and with school-age children. Since 2017, the Grateful Peoples community has donated over 12,000 gratitude journals.

In this episode, Teddy shares the power of gratitude to shift our own perspective on life and how gratitude can be used as a means of connection. He shares how his own gratitude journey started and the impact it has had in his life, especially with tough personal challenges. Teddy describes the incredible shifts he’s witnessed and how that fuels his efforts even more.

Gratitude is about so much more than writing down a list of things we’re grateful for. This episode will inspire you to look at your gratitude practice in a new way and to think about the way gratitude can ripple out into your community and beyond.

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