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November 26, 2020


Ep.9 Happy Gut, Healthy You! with Ashley Sauvé

Ep.9 Happy Gut, Healthy You! with Ashley Sauvé

You’ve probably heard of the gut and you might be taking your probiotics or eating your fermented foods, but, how much do you REALLY know about your body’s ‘second brain’?

Ashley Sauvé is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a specialization in gut health. Her passion for nutrition began when she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and blossomed when she began to study the growing evidence linking gut health to everything from hormones and mood to immunity, sleep, and energy.

In this episode, we talk about what the gut is and how to determine how healthy our gut is. We also discuss the benefit of using stool tests to get a closer picture of the root cause of many health issues by looking at the community of microbiota that makes up the ecosystem inside of our guts (similar to a rainforest), and, the overall health of our digestive tract.

Ashley also describes the mind-gut connection and how your gut talks to your brain (and vice versa) via the nervous system. We speak about food fear and stress as it negatively affects our digestion and gut health. She also shares how mindfulness practices such as loving-kindness meditations and vagus nerve stimulations can help restore the function of the gut.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and be a steward of your gut rainforest?

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