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November 12, 2020


Ep.7 Rethinking Food: From Urban Farm to Table with Ran Goel

Ep.7 Rethinking Food: From Urban Farm to Table with Ran Goel

Ran Goel is a former Wall Street lawyer on a mission to build a better world through food. He always had an affinity for social investing and so it is no surprise that, years later, he runs his own social impact company – Canada’s largest commercial urban farm, retailer and e-commerce delivery service of organic, sustainable and local food.

Ran is passionate about connecting people directly to the source of their food and creating stronger communities and healthier environments.

In this episode, Ran speaks about the changing environment of our food system. He shares what he’s learned since beginning his business, in 2011, and what he sees as the trends and requirements needed to shift the conventions of our current food systems. 

Ran is showing that an environmental- and health-focused business can be successful whilst also equally invested in the people that bring it to life and rely on it. Fresh City Farms delivers healthy food to 1000s of households, partners with and supports countless farmers and food producers and reduces the environmental impact of his commercial business.

This is an episode to help expand our understanding of how and where our food is grown. Fresh City Farms is a great example to show that what’s good for business can be equally good for our health, our planet and prosperity for all.

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