katie hess

November 11, 2021


Ep.27 The Magnetic Alchemy of Flowers with Katie Hess

Ep.27 The Magnetic Alchemy of Flowers with Katie Hess

In the 14th + 16th centuries, doctors and alchemists would instruct their patients to seek specific flowers in the wild and drink the dew drops from their petals to heal emotional, mental + spiritual ailments.

Today, flower elixirs, or flower essences, which are formulated to hold the life-force imprint of the flower, serve to help support positive shifts in states of mind, enhance vitality, radiance, youthfulness and personal growth.

Katie Hess is a flower alchemist, author of Flowerevolution and founder of LOTUSWEI, one of the world’s leading floral apothecaries. Her signature elixirs have been featured in many prominent publications. Her flower-powered community is also thriving because of the growing awareness that interaction with the natural world has profound and powerful healing for everyone.

Katie teaches mindful-awareness practices at Flowerlounge events around the world and runs her Self-Arising Nature Center in Phoenix, Arizona, a center for flower essence education, experiences and practitioner training.

In this bonus episode, Katie illuminates the mysterious world of botanicals for our deeper understanding of the power of flowers. She describes the nature of flowers beyond the sight and smell, and how, when we ‘stop to smell the roses’ we’re actually being magnetized to their energy, and the potency of their re-harmonizing nature, beyond all else.

Whether you’ve been gifted a bouquet of flowers that uplifted your spirits, saw a wild flower that took your breath away or maybe had a floral tea or tincture that soothed your body…many of us are drawn to the beauty, scent or living energy of them, likely without full understanding or appreciation of ‘why’ that might be. We have knowingly and unknowingly have interacted with botanicals all our lives.

This conversation will open your ‘vision’ to appreciate the deeper meaning and potency of botanicals, and the ways that they can support you with cultivating your inner wellness.

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