March 11, 2021


Ep.21 Storytelling and the Future of Sustainable Travel with Rob Holmes

Ep.21 Storytelling and the Future of Sustainable Travel with Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes is the Founder & Chief Strategist of GLP Films, an award-winning content marketing agency dedicated to authentic storytelling and mission-driven campaigns for the travel and sustainability industry.  Since 2008, GLP’s work has spanned five continents and 40+ countries, creating 200+ short-films.

GLP Films has spearhead campaigns centred around wildlife, ecology, sustainability, community and, most importantly, the people. 

In this episode, Rob shares how he and the GLP Films team bring stories to life, showing that stories really are our lives in language. Their work celebrates the majesty and the diversity of the world around us, while their stories are equally mechanisms for change.

Rob touches on differences of sustainable travel and over travel and how COVID might actually be the stimulus for a more sustainable travel industry. Most recently, their new video series campaign, #TourismStrong, celebrates the resilience and adaptability of the travel industry amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

So, if you want to be swept away to foreign lands and be uplifted about your future travels and adventures, tune in to this episode with the Storyteller of Storytellers, Rob Holmes.

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