February 25, 2021


Ep.19 hejhej to a Waste-Free World with Sophie Zepnik

Ep.19 hejhej to a Waste-Free World with Sophie Zepnik

Say hejhej to hejhej_mats, the first closed-loop, carbon neutral and most sustainable yoga mat in the world!

hejhej-mats co-founders, Sophie Zepnik and Anna Souvignier, are revolutionizing how companies can simultaneously reduce waste, promote conscious consumption AND be successful!

What started as an idea in Malmö University’s Sustainable Management program has turned into a holistic approach to designing yoga mats.

In this episode, Sophie shares how she and Anna sought out to create the most sustainable yoga mat. They envisioned a mat that wouldn’t rely on the extraction of new, virgin natural rubber or imports from far away places, but rather, would recycle materials that might otherwise go into the waste stream. Thus, not only would it produce less waste but also reuse perceived ‘waste!’  

From the thread to the zipper – they source everything locally and ensure that everything is either upcycled or biodegradable, and can also be recycled or composted ‘at end of life.’

Sophie describes the growth of their ethical and environmentally-friendly company and the challenges that they came across on their journey. 

Their creative process is novel and their commitment to sustainability, mindfulness and equal opportunity is what sets them apart from all other companies.

This episode will welcome you on a journey towards a circular future and a more mindful way of being. It all starts with people like Sophie and Anna and their mission to create a waste-free world and re-conceive our consumer culture, one yogi at a time.

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