January 21, 2021


Ep.14 How To Give Clean Water With Every Web Search with Andrea Demichelis

Ep.14 How To Give Clean Water With Every Web Search with Andrea Demichelis

Andrea Demichelis was born in a small seaside town on the western Italian coast. Soon after high school, he packed his belongings and moved to Paris to study and start working as a Stockbroker. During his last year of University, however, he realized that he was not supposed to follow the Wall Street path but rather create something on his own. He had learned about the challenges of accessing clean drinkable water in communities around the world, and created Elliot for Water as a way to help.

Elliot for Water is a search engine that, with every search, helps raise money for clean water projects. What started with the idea of bringing clean water to communities ‘without’ is so much more than just that. In this episode, Andrea shares how clean water is actually the catalyst for many more positive, empowered and life-changing opportunities for the people living in the communities that Elliot for Water and their partners serve.

Andrea’s mission, now, is to change the world by providing millions of people with safe drinking water…and you can help, one search at a time.

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