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January 14, 2021


Ep.13 The Science, Health Benefits and Eco-nomics of Sustainable Design with Paul Dowsett

Ep.13 The Science, Health Benefits and Eco-nomics of Sustainable Design with Paul Dowsett

Paul Dowsett is the founding Principal Architect of Sustainable, an architecture and design collaborative that works for a healthy planet, healthy people and prosperity for all.

What’s most notable about Sustainable is their commitment to education and advocacy amongst their colleagues and with homeowners for a more health-focused, affordable and sustainably-built environment for everyone.

In this episode we speak about the rationale and building science behind sustainable design. Paul describes what being sustainable means and how it can be achieved. Paul also debunks some of the obstacles and misconceptions about designing with human and planet health in mind (like it having a bigger price tag!) and, also, the opportunities.

Building sustainably is more than just energy efficiency. It’s about assessing the impact of what’s behind the walls, of the materials we use (beyond VOC-free paint) and how we put those materials together to build or renovate our homes. Building sustainably also means considering how everything might impact our wellness, our pocketbook, our social fabric and our planet as a result. 

Whether you are a homeowner, future homeowner, builder or simply intrigued about how the structure of your home affects your health and impacts the planet…this episode is an eye-opener. 

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