December 17, 2020


Ep.12 Breathe In, Surrender and Receive with Amanda Laine + Harrison Taylor

Ep.12 Breathe In, Surrender and Receive with Amanda Laine + Harrison Taylor

It’s as easy and natural as taking a conscious breath…

But, when was the last time that you noticed the in…and out…of your breath?

Amanda Laine and Harrison Taylor have dedicated their lives to helping others achieve personal growth and elevated states of wellbeing by creating Inward Breathwork, the world’s leading on-demand breathwork platform. The platform features the most experienced facilitators in the world and a diversity of ancient and new age techniques including Pranayama, Wim Hof and Buteyko methods. Amanda and Harry are also Co-Founders of Inward, the worlds’ first modern bathhouse that’s exposing people to ancient practices and inviting them into the present moment. 

In this captivating episode, Amanda and Harry describe the science and the benefits of ancient health practices such as breathwork, sauna, and cold exposure, and, they get raw and vulnerable about their own personal journeys of awakening. 

You will hear their passion and fascination in revitalizing these ancient techniques whilst also fusing them with modern science and artistic flair in order to make them even more powerful and enjoyable. Amanda and Harry also lead us through a breathwork session at the end of this chat. You can experience, save and return to it any time you need a little uplift and ease through your day!

Through the act of conscious breathing, we can attune ourselves to new ways of being and tap into our body’s inherent healing wisdom. All it takes is conscious awareness and surrender… 

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