December 10, 2020


Ep.11 Make Your Conscious Talk Your Conscious ‘Shop’ This Holiday Season

Ep.11 Make Your Conscious Talk Your Conscious ‘Shop’ This Holiday Season

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” ~ Anna Lappé

Conscious buying is about making more ethical, sustainable, budget-friendly and healthier choices for us and the planet –  one purchase at a time!

Just in time for this holiday season, Dana shares her top 10 questions and tips for being more mindful when spending your hard-earned money.

Slow down and consider what you are buying before you fill up your cart or buy more ‘stuff’…

⤑ Do you really need this item? Can you borrow it or buy used? 

⤑ Is this item supporting a healthy and sustainable life for you and your family? How can you know?

⤑ What is the item made of, how was it manufactured and where will it go when I’m done with it?

⤑ What impact will purchasing this have on the natural environment?

⤑ What is the TRUE cost of the item?

⤑ And, will this purchase ultimately bring you, the maker, the recipient and our environment joy or health?

Let’s cast a vote for healthier people, communities and our planet – one informed, thoughtful, more natural, ethical and healthier purchase at a time!

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