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December 3, 2020


Ep.10 How Healing The Soil Will Save Us with Kristin Ohlson

Ep.10 How Healing The Soil Will Save Us with Kristin Ohlson

Kristin Ohlson is a Portland-based freelance journalist and author whose work has been featured in New York Times, New Scientist, Oprah and many other publications. She has been a New York Times bestseller and recipient of Best American Science Writing amongst other notable honours.

Her work is quite varied and her latest one called The Soil Will Save Us is a ground-breaking book that reads like a storybook all about soil.

You might think a book about soil is incredibly boring and unimportant, but guess again! Kristin’s lively, incredibly engaging and humorous writing makes this book a page-turner and delight to read…and one that brings dirt to life!

After listening to Kristin in this episode you will never look at the ground beneath your feet the same way again – instead, you’ll have the vivid image of a bustling world beneath you! You’ll also be amazed by its enormous influence on us – as a way to provide us all with more nutritious food, to support farmers and their livelihoods, to mitigate against floods and dire natural disasters, to increase biodiversity and the health of species living on land around the world, AND, as many would advocate, to reverse climate change by sequestering carbon that is currently in our atmosphere.

The future of farming, food culture and the health of our planet lies just beneath the surface of the soil underneath your feet.

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