February 11, 2021


Ep.17 Designing a World Without Waste: Creative Reuse with Ruth Mandl

Ep.17 Designing a World Without Waste: Creative Reuse with Ruth Mandl

Ruth Mandl is a Principal of CO Adaptive, an architecture firm that focuses on the human experience. 

As humans, we create buildings to be our environments and that are sheltered from the harsh elements or weather conditions. Our homes are our constructed ecosystems, which we design to be beautiful and comfortable, however as Ruth describes, we are always interacting with our environment, both indoors and out.

Ruth has set out to understand and innovate outside of the consumption and waste cycles ingrained in our society – looking at aspects of how we grow food, compost our waste, become more energy and resource conscious and repurpose materials in ways that minimize waste and the extraction of new virgin resources. 

In this episode, you’ll hear her passion for selecting the most naturally-derived and also most natural materials with which we can surround ourselves. Designing naturally is what is ultimately best for our health, for the performance of our buildings, for our aesthetic enjoyment and…the sustainability of our planet. We talk all about the philosophy of cradle-to-cradle design, creative reuse, up-cycling materials, and how to design with nature’s charm.

It was a pleasure to speak with Ruth about ideas on how you might salvage, repurpose and innovate in your own home…

Ruth and her firm’s work really showcases how space can be a highly innovative synergy of both beauty and functionality. So, if you’re a visual person, head on over to the CoAdaptive website after you listen to this episode to feast your eyes on some real architecture candy.

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