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Conscious buying is about simply making a more ethical, sustainable, pocketbook-friendly and healthier option for us and the planet -
one purchase at a time!

“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” - Anna Lappé

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We carefully vet the transparency and quality of all products listed and include as many discount codes as we can so that you find new sustainable and social brands and products to love!

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*As an added note:
Please consider buying from small businesses, shops or second-hand stores to #supportlocal!
If you decide to buy from a big shop like Amazon, consider voting with your dollar by purchasing a more sustainable item. 

**Final note:
We receive some commission from a few of the products listed, BUT we'd support and share them either way as these are TRULY businesses we LOVE!


1. ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Wellness Kit
Pamper yourself with a CleanBamboo™ eye pillow with lavender/wheat insert, eye mask and pillowcase in a reusable drawstring bag. All made with signature bamboo lyocell fabric, which is silky-soft, cooling and sustainable!
$20 off with promo - goodnight20

2. Othership.App
Reduce stress and anxiety with guided breath work on-demand.

3. Grateful Peoples Gratitude Journal
100% recycled paper printed with plant-based ink. Grateful Peoples® is a non-profit organization that donates journals to schools to raise happiness and create positive energy in the world.

4. OM Organics Canada
Nourish your skin with ethical, organic, clean skincare made with plants, herbs, and essential aromatics and bring more joy to your skincare regime with the Invermere, BC-based OM Organics!
We LOVE their soap bars, Coconut Milk Hair Mask, Pink Coconut Body Scrub, Clarify Purifying Concentrate (for any little face visitors - poof they’re gone!) and Cocoa Coffee Exfoliating Dust

5. Zoya Nail Polish
No need to give up your mani-pedis with Zoya’s long-lasting natural, vegan-friendly and Big-10 toxin-free nail polishes.

6. Zoya Remove Plus 3 in 1
Zoya’s remover is super effective and only has a light smell - perfect for anyone who is sensitive to odours. OH, and the bottle lasts a LONG time!

7. Saalt Menstrual Cup
Tampons, pads and panty liners along with their packaging and individual wrapping generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, and they all contain plastic – in fact, pads are around 90% plastic! The average user throws away an astonishing 125 to 150kg of tampons, pads and applicators in their lifetime. 
Reduce your waste and improve your feminine hygiene by using a reusable menstrual cup made from flexible, medical-grade silicone - free of chemicals and toxins - is hypoallergenic and is effective for up to 12 hours!

8. Wildcraft Restore Face Cream
Sooo luxurious, hydrating and light! Wildcraft is another all-natural skincare line I love that is handcrafted in Toronto, ON. I get it from The Detox Market (which is also an amazing green beauty market!!)

9. Alexis Smart Flower Remedies
Flower essences are remedies used to bring balance to various emotional states. Each of these is made from the highest quality organic, biodynamic and wild harvested Bach flower essences the wildflowers of the English countryside and handcrafted by classical homeopath Alexis Smart. They are SO beautiful and effective! My favs are In Love and Soul Purpose!

10. Dana Readings’ Meditation Library on Insight Timer 
FREE mindfully-created meditations and breath work for when you need a few minutes to yourself. 


1. Vapour Beauty Soft Focus Foundation
Vapour’s plant-powered formulas enhance and nurture your skin while offering natural alternatives to conventional makeup. They are eco-friendly with commitments to health and ingredient purity and sustainability. I’ve been using this foundation for years for a lovely flawless look! Find it at The Detox Market.

2. Christy Dawn Ava Top
Vintage-inspired pieces that honour Mother Earth - made with upcycled fabrics and natural fibres, ethically sewn in Los Angeles, these are timeless additions to your wardrobe.
I love my The Aya Top in Maya Blue Stripe!

3. Hawkly Marta Necklace
A Toronto-based conscious jewelry brand, using mixed metals and inspired by nature and adventure. 

4. Ozma Sierra Beanie, Caraveli, Cream
Everything from Ozma is inspired by the colour palette and textures of the natural world- the tactile and the raw, the minimal and the refined. Classic essentials designed for all seasons and ethically-created from sustainably-sourced and biodegradable fabrics, including the highest quality raw silk, washed linen and drapey cupro, and in the most beautiful of earthy neutral tones.
Seasonal antidote to my fav bandana - 1930s Bandana, Oak!

5. Catori Life Mist Stacking Ring | Bronze
Mindfully-made, ethically-sourced and recycled materials pieces made in the USA with beauty, ecological harmony and restoration as well as fare-wage practices in mind. Every piece supports reforestation projects (20 trees planted), ocean conservation, BIPOC social justice and 1% For the Planet. This elegantly-rustic, organically-shaped stacking ring is the perfect little wabi sabi statement piece! 
20% off with email signup

6. Ozma Bell Hand Knit Cardigan, Caraveli, Cream
Been eyeing this cozy piece for the cooler winter days!

7. Organic Basics TENCEL™ Lite Bralette
Conscious everyday essentials made from soft, natural and renewable fibers and with the littlest footprint. Founded in complete transparency, Organic Basics tells you the impact score of each item as compared to conventional materials and manufacturing practices. Men's and Women's apparel are available, and so, consider this the basics shop of your sustainable dreams!
The Lite Bralette is one of the only bras I wear now!! TENCEL™ is an eco-friendly wood pulp fibre which is super soft and breathable. It fits perfectly and is the perfect neutral basic!

8. Be Kind Vibes Cropped Sea Tea
This social impact brand, and it's growing community, is committed to creating goods that are ethically-created, uplifting and made from organic and recycled materials with Mother Earth in mind, leaving as little of a footprint behind as possible. They plant one tree for every product sold so as to help offset the carbon emissions created during production and shipping.
Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, the Cropped Sea Tea is literally the SOFTEST tee I have ever owned!!

9. Lunya
Sleep and loungewear just got a major upgrade! Lunya has carefully developed luxuriously soft, high quality and innovative sleepwear to address all the sleep needs (thermoregulating, cozy, restorative and mostly natural fibers) of the modern woman.
I LOVE my Siro Pocket Legging, my Cool Muscle Tee and Cool Short!! And, their undies are SOOO comfy!
$20 off your first order with email signup


1. BAM Bamboo Clothing Crib Goch Textured Stitch Bamboo Knit
Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing, renewable source of fibre. It also absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood trees, which makes it sequester the carbon out of our atmosphere (and help reverse climate change?!). It needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre and it doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides. Add to that how well it works as a natural performance, moisture-wicking and super SOFT fabric and you can see why I love bamboo!
BAM has a mission to reduce their impact to ZERO by 2030 - ensuring every person in their supply chain – from growers to sellers – is paid fairly and treated with dignity. With goals for zero waste to landfill, zero pollution and zero wasted water – for every single process from the growing of the bamboo, to the manufacture of the clothes, to the way they are recycled, it's a company to watch and support! Super transparent and proud to share the impact score of each item so that you know how much water, carbon emissions and pesticides were saved by buying more sustainably.
Comfy and super GQ, the Crib Goch Textured Stitch Bamboo Knit is a perfect Merino bamboo blend for work or play!
Use this link for 15% off your first purchase

2. BAM Bamboo Clothing Taddiport Socks
Got a sock fiend in your house or circle, these anti-bacterial and cushiony socks are just the eco-'foot'print you want!
Use this link for 15% off your first purchase

3. kotn
kotn is a Toronto-based apparel brand that focuses on ethically-made essentials. With each purchase, they support a number of community building projects through the sales of their products; including building and operating new schools in areas without access to education, providing private subsidies and resources to smallholder farms and impoverished communities, and advocating for environmental responsibility and stewardship. Their clothing is made from high quality natural fibres, grown in lands that aim for better soil health, conservation of biodiversity and conscious water use.
Another great option for your wardrobe essentials.

4. Po-zu Butterfly Black Sneakers 
Do you have a Sneakerhead in your life? These are your answer for a more natural, ethical and fashionable sole. Featuring natural latex and coconut fibre, these totally vegan shoes are comfortable, mould to your foot and have superb air circulation. Tons of colours and Men's and Women's sizes and styles available.

5. Nimble Charger
Nimble chargers and phone cases are made from hard, plant-based plastics from materials like corn and sugarcane and recycled aluminum. Not only are these from naturally renewable sources, but once in the landfill they'll breakdown over time, unlike traditional materials. Compatible with Androids and iPhones, they have non-slip texture and are made for a multitude of uses.
Get $10 off with this link

6. Merkur 34C HD Double-Edge Safety Razor
Get that close shave without the plastic, disposable razors! Merkur's safety razors features a sturdy masculine handle which gives superb grip and last a long, long time. All you need to do is buy replacement blades, which then can be recycled! There's nothing sexier than a sustainable shave!

7. Pela Case
Pela Case are the world's first 100% compostable, eco-friendly phone cases and smart watch bands. Pela Case donates a % of every sale to help Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives for less plastic in our oceans.

8. Patagonia Mojave Khaki
Patagonia, one of the most popular outdoor clothing companies, has been a long time advocates and supporters of conservation and environmental protection - they have a foundation that serves to protect natural lands, they also pledge 1% of sales to 1% For The Planet and all profits from Black Friday to environmental organizations. They strive for natural and recycled fabrics in their clothing and the highest quality of crafting so that your clothes last a long, long time.  

For Fitness

1. Nimble Activewear
Nimble is an Australian brand that makes a lot of its clothing using recycled plastic bottles (diverting them from the landfill). Super comfortable, stylish and soft, these will be your go-to workout clothes!
Most similar to the Flow and Go bra that I have is Power Sports Bra, pictured. The Cut The Crop top has an amazing fit and is super soft, also!!

2. Bambu
I bought these a while back and they are the cutest socks to no-show in your runners. If you buy on Amazon, then these are a good sustainable option.

3. hejhej
I am anxiously awaiting these to come to Canada, however, for all EU folks, hejhej is the first closed-loop yoga product on the market! Not only do they use only recycled content to make their mats, but they take responsibility and recycle worn hejhej back into the cycle to make new mats so they don't create any additional waste for the planet - a cradle-to-cradle design! They also produce locally in Germany with fair labour.

4. Boho Beautiful
I've been a long-time Boho Beautiful fan! Juliana and Mark share yoga, meditations, pilates, and fitness on their app, which features serene nature and travel from all around the world! No surprise they've had millions of subscribers and view on their YouTube videos because of their beautiful souls and missions.
7-day free trial for their app!

5. S'well
The original stylish, reusable and 'cool' water hydration accessory, and my go-to! With countless innovative options of bottles, bowls and accessories, there's definitely a design for everyone! Every purchase supports the reduced use of plastic bottles and helps S'well support millions of dollars to community-focused organizations.

6. Passport to Prana
Want to try a bunch of yoga studios in your area without any obligations or costly packages? Passport to Prana was my dream pass for YEARS! Try countless studios - one visit per studio - for only $30 each year!! There are 500+ studios in 18 cities that participate. Get one for your city - it's seriously the best deal around!

7. Londrë Bodywear Sport Scoop
Seriously the coolest and the most beautiful swimwear designs from this Vancouver brand! Make a splash in these pieces, made from a recycled fabric derived mostly from castoff plastic bottles. The recycled fabric, which is produced at a Taiwanese textile facility with the highest eco-certification available, is treated with ChitoSanté, a natural agent made from crab and shrimp shells that helps stop unpleasant bacteria and odours from forming. You read that right - crustaceous anti-bacterial treatment - inspiration derived from nature!
Londrë Bodywear is super chic, versatile, flattering and uncomplicatedly sustainable - wear it to the beach or under a high-waisted jean, the choice is yours! And, at the end of your suits life, send it back for 20% credit towards your next suit - Londrë will recycle it into new materials. They also actively support awareness and funds for women's health and environmental initiatives.
10% off your first purchase with email signup 

8. Girlfriend Collective Black Compressive High-Rise Legging
Workout apparel that is made from 25 recycled plastic bottles (!!) and recyclable — when you’re finished with them (a long, long time from now), recycle them with ReGirlfriend. With carbon emissions prevented and water saved during production, the High-Rise Legging is the perfect sustainable Lulu alternative.

9. The Class
The Class by Taryn Toomey is 'spiritual fitness.' It's a blend of HIIT, bootcamp, plyometrics, Kundalini yoga, musical therapy and life coaching and a workout you won't soon forget! Digital streams are live or pre-recorded for your convenience. Sign up for a free 14 day trial!

10. Parks Canada's Discovery Pass
Get outdoors and visit some national parks near you! Whether it's Parks Canada's Discovery Pass or one for an area near you, there is nothing more uplifting, energizing, healthy and eco-friendly than time spent in nature.


1. Chocosol
ChocoSol’s chocolates are more than just sweet treats! They are an emblem of wholesome, nutritious and delicious food, cultural preservation, community, ecological regeneration, gratitude and spirituality. ChocoSol proudly strives for cradle-to-cradle business practices, beginning in the forest gardens, extending to the farmers’ markets, and finishing with the ChocoSoil urban agriculture project at its storefront in Toronto, Canada, and packaging that is 100% compostable and sustainably-sourced. They also often infuses local flavours and ecology into their unique and revolutionary chocolates.

2. Vitamix
Arguably the king (or queen!) of all high-powered blenders! Long-lasting, multi-functional and with really fabulous customer service, Vitamix is worth every bit of the investment as you'll use it for YEARS to come! (Mine is already 11 years old!) Welcome to smooth soup, smoothie, dry mix, and food-processed heaven!

3. Harmonic Arts
Take my word for it - these will be your new bevvies of choice! I didn't jump on the 'shroom bandwagon until I met 'Activate' by Harmonic Arts. It's the best 2020 find and now I have a delicious, restorative and calming cup of cacao every day! Harmonic Arts, a Vancouver Island botanical dispensary, has a great assortment of high-quality and carefully-sourced and super-clean and potent adaptogens, elixirs, teas, superfoods and herbal formulations.

4. Our Place One Pan
Beautifully sustainable - a ceramic, non-stick pan to replace 8 pieces of cookware and made without potentially toxic materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles, and is ethically-made in a female-owned factory. It can fry, sauté, steam, skillet, saucier, hold sauces, and serve all your non-stick needs, and it comes with a nesting beechwood spatula...and the aluminum body comes in six gorgeous colours! Our Place also works with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to bring fresh, healthy food to the South LA community.
Get $20 off with this link

5. Silk Road Spice Trader
One of my fav shops in Calgary, is family-owned Silk Road Spice Trader, a retailer of fine spices, herbs and seasonings. They take great care to source the finest products and the flavour and freshness is beyond any commercial spice blends.

6. Local restaurants and shops
Support a local Mom and Pop shop, cafe or restaurant by buying a gift card as gifts for your loved ones! No better time than now to #supportlocal.

7. CSA Farm Box, Farmer's Market Gift Card or Farm Delivery
Find a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm box delivery to have fresh produce and other locally-produced delicacies delivered to your home. Find a local farmer's market and buy a gift card. Or, go visit a farm and buy some products directly. Buying locally and supporting small producers is a win-win-win-win - fresher and more nutritious goods for you, less packaging and waste, and supporting small business owners all while reducing the carbon emissions of transporting produces from afar.
A few I love near me:
Mama Earth Organics
Fresh City Farms
Plan B Organics
The Stop Farmers Market
Evergreen Farmers Market


1. Woodlot
Canadian-made line of petroleum-free, GMO-free, phthalate-free, organic coconut and soy wax candles in glass jars and plant-based body basics. Cinder is a musky blend inspired by a peaceful cabin retreat, with a musky blend of essential oils inspired by a peaceful cabin retreat. Long-lasting for many nights cozied up on the couch with a warm bevvie! 

2. Sackcloth & Ashes Heritage Smoky Quartz
Huge fan of Sackcloth & Ashes for their wonderfully-crafted blankets and, moreover, their mission - to donate a blanket to a local homeless shelter for EVERY blanket bought! Standing behind serving the community through grassroots efforts while also providing ethical and fair labour jobs and using 100% ecycled, dye free, chemical free, water free, wool blend that is certifiably eco-friendly and cruelty-free. We'll be snuggling under our Heritage piece this winter, designed by Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle, knowing that 100% of the profits from this collection will be donated to Sovereign Bodies Institute, an organization that generates new knowledge and understandings of how Indigenous nations and communities are impacted by gender and sexual violence, and how they may continue to work towards healing and freedom from such violence. Oh, and you can add carbon offsets to your purchase to make it a carbon neutral purchase!

3. Herbal Academy
Bring some homemade elixirs, skincare, body care cleaners or foraged teas into your home with the guides, courses and botanical artwork from Herbal Academy! They have an awesome 12-month Herbal Wellness Calendar as well as a great Botanical Skin Care Guide so you can start crafting at home for cleaner (and cheaper) plant-based homemade products!
4. Bamboo Ear Swabs
Unconventional perhaps, but the simplest of sustainable updates to your regular routine add up! These are exactly like the Q-Tips that you know and love...but you'll love these bamboo ones more, knowing they are a renewable resource and are completely plastic-free (including the packaging!)! Give it a swab!!

5. Floret

Whether you get one of Erin and Chris Benzakein's books as a coffee table read, buy some seeds for your garden or shop for your favourite gardener, Floret is a small farm worth following and supporting! They even host some workshops for the florist in you! It seems like everything they touch grows into magic!

*Another option is to support Seeds of Diversity which has a phenomenal mission to teach about seed saving, promote Seedy Saturdays, and allow for the exchange of non-hybrid seeds with other members. They have 1000s of hierloom and locally-grown seeds to choose from!!

6. Academy of Culinary Nutrition Healthy at Home
Meghan Telpner has been a mentor for me for years - starting when I started following her blog, Making Love in the Kitchen and continuing to when I took her Academy of Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. Both humour and exceptionally knowledgeable, Meghan and her husband, functional nutritionist Josh Gitalis, offer a course all about being Healthy at Home. So, whether you want to take a course or workshop about bringing some more nutrition to your culinary experiments or make your home a bit cleaner and more sustainable...check out ACN and all the courses offered!

7. ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set
Sleep cooler, silky-soft, more comfortably and sustainably with the signature CleanBamboo™ bamboo lyocell fabric from ettitude. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so make it the BEST sleep of your life!
$20 off with promo - goodnight20


1. Fair + Simple Treasure Pants
All artisan-made, Fair+Simple focuses on women-made products with artful, simple designs. Giving a portion of profits to The Made by Women Fund, Fair+Simple aims to invest in women artisans and makers around the world so that they can gain access to skill development, equipment and equipment so that their businesses can flourish. With clothes and home goods for your whole family, like these Oeko Tex certified linen pants made using low impact dyes, you can find stylish and sustainable options for everyone.

2. cuddle + kind
Handcrafted dolls made with fair-trade practices by women artisans in Peru. For every natural and super soft cotton doll sold, Woodgate Family-owned cuddle+kind donates 10 meals to children in need. Since September 2015, they have been able to provide 13 million meals to children in need!!!

3. Fair + Simple Organic Cotton Baby Blanket
Teach them young to take care of the Earth and all its living beings - make it cute and soft for baby and make it 100% fair trade and with certified undyed organic cotton! 
4. S'well
Lunch boxes that'll are super cute and be eco-friendly - S'well has a slew of different designs and sizes for all your lunching needs for the big or little kids in your life!

5. WWF Adoptions
WWF's 'Adopt a Wild' adoptions have been around for as long as I can remember and they stand the test of time as still such a memorable and impactful gift for any nature-loving child! 

6. Baking Party
Who doesn't remember, fondly, the baking sessions with your family or loved ones! Gather your favourite recipe, ingredients and have a baking party, competition or sign up for a series of kid-friendly cooking classes! The Kitchn is a great resource for recipes. Make memories in the kitchen!

7. Mini-Cycle
This zero-waste children's fashion company is incredibly innovative! Every second the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and what's more, kids clothing is incredibly expensive!! So, Mini-Cycle set out to remedy this be responsible for changing this viscious cycle of waste. Buy new or preloved durable clothing (0-12 years) AND trade-in your purchases. This zero waste circular economy strategy ensures that items are used at every stage, and nothing goes to waste!

8.  Nest and Nurture Elle Twirl Dress
Ethically handcrafted children's clothing made from new, reclaimed, and vintage fabrics. Made in small batches in Kelowna, BC, so your little's wardrobe can be as unique as they are!


1. The Soil Will Save Us, Kristin Ohlson
You might think a book about soil is incredibly boring and unimportant, but guess again! Kristin’s lively, incredibly engaging and humorous writing makes this book a page-turner and delight to read…and one that brings dirt to life! You will never look at the ground beneath your feet the same way again - instead, you’ll have the vivid image of a bustling world beneath you! You’ll also be amazed by its enormous influence on us - as a way to provide us all with more nutritious food, to support farmers and their livelihoods, to mitigate against floods and dire natural disasters, to increase biodiversity and the health of species living on land around the world, AND, as many would advocate, to reverse climate change by sequestering carbon that is currently in our atmosphere.
The future of farming, food culture and the health of our planet lies just beneath the surface of the soil underneath your feet.
(Look for it at your local bookshop or book swap, Chapters-Indigo linked for reference.)

2. Billboard Concerts
Stream your favourite virtual concerts from the comforts of home!

3. Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World, Scott Harrison
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • An inspiring personal story of redemption, second chances, and the transformative power within us all, from the founder and CEO of the nonprofit charity: water, Scott Harrison. From being a top nightclub promoter in New York City to today, Scott's founded and grew his organization, charity: water, and has raised over $400 million to bring clean drinking water to more than 10 million people around the globe.
(Look for it at your local bookshop or book swap, Chapters-Indigo linked for reference.)

4. North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association®
The North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association® network is a mosaic of 1,178 art museums and galleries, historical museums and societies, botanical gardens, children’s museums, zoos and more across Bermuda, Canada, El Salvador, Mexico and the United States. Then, simply find your favourite NARM participating institution and join. Once enrolled, you'll receive your membership cards from your home institution and you're are all set to explore with free member admission, discounts at museum shops and discounts on concert/lecture tickets. 
(During COVID, you can also visit a few galleries and museums online as per The Guardian here.)

5. Audible
If you know an avid reader on the go, Audible just might be the answer! It's a more sustainable (and faster) way to breeze through your literature bucket list!

6. Untamed, Glennon Doyle
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • One of my all-time mind-opening books! Get ready to open your mind to how you've been tamed and how to step into your power, bravery and find YOUR truth.
(Look for it at your local bookshop or book swap, Chapters-Indigo linked for reference.)

7. Masterclass
Ever wanted to learn how to < -- >, well now's your chance! Masterclass has thousands of online classes from 90+ top leaders in their respective fields. Learn anything from architecture to interior design to producing music and beatboxing to skateboarding to space exploration to the art of home cooking to mixology name it, you'll find it!


1. Youth Mental Health Canada
Support YMHC, a grassroots, youth-driven and led non-profit organization that focuses on education and advocacy for youth mental health change. Donations help fund workshops, peer supports and ensuring that youth and children get the clinical mental health support that they need.

2. Climb Your Everest
Started by engineer, mountaineer, author, women's advocate and Tedx speaker, Sara Safari, Climb Your Everest is about empowering women, one adventure at a time. With every foot of elevation she takes on expeditions of the highest mountains in the world, Sara's organization raises $1 for organizations, worldwide, that to help marginalized women. She's raised funds to help educate girls, fight human trafficking, provide healthcare support for mothers and support victims of violence or disadvantage.

3. Local Food Banks
Consider donating to your local food bank this year! Food access is at it's all time high in many communities...especially for healthy, nutritious and fresh foods. This article is a beautiful summary of some of the NEEDED items. Should you want to support fresh (as opposed to canned items), consider donating to organizations that provide meals or rescue food from restaurants and grocery stores to connect it to those in need, for example:
Feed it Forward
The Salvation Army
Food Rescue
Breakfast Club of Canada
Not Far From The Tree - a not-for-profit that ensures no food falls to waste! As Toronto’s fruit picking and sharing project, the bounty from each fruit pick is split 3 ways: ⅓ is provided to the tree registrant, ⅓ is split amongst the picking volunteers, and ⅓ is delivered via cargo bike to one of our 35 social service agency partners, including food banks, community kitchens, supportive housing programs, and community health centres.

Okay, Omaze has a pretty unique take on giving! Omaze is an American for-profit fundraising company which partners with charities in fundraising events. Omaze's events feature prizes, such as material goods, property, or celebrity experiences, usually with one grand prize and several lesser prizes, however, with each bid, large portions of the donation goes to social and environmental not-for-profit organizations. Seems a win-win, right?

5. Elliot for Water
Let your fingers do good with Elliot for Water! Make Elliot for Water your search engine and support clean water projects with your searches with every search! This social enterprise is working towards providing access to safe drinking water and collaborates with Well Found to install well, promote health and organize market gardens in communities in some remote villages in Africa. With a click of a button, you could be helping bring water to those in need!

6. 1% For The Planet
In addition to supporting brands and organizations that donate a portion of their profits to 1% For The Planet, you can make a donation in someone's name to the organization. With this you'll support a growing global network consisting of thousands of businesses, individuals and environmental nonprofits working toward a better future for all and to ensure our planet and future generations thrive. 

7. Loveland Foundation
Support community and social injustices with your donation dollars. Loveland foundation was founded by Rachel Cargle as a way to bring opportunity and healing to communities of colour, and especially Black women and girls. Donations help support fellowships, residency programs and more so as to bring empowerment, therapy and healing to those who might otherwise face barriers in accessing them.

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